Hosted by Rome Silvanus

Any questions or requests:
romethepegasus AT outlook com



You can chat with us in #CardsAgainstEquestria on the Canternet IRC Network.
Or just click here if you don't have an IRC client installed.

Expansion/card suggestions

Want to have your own expansion or even base set on here?

Coming soon: Suggestion page so you don't have to do silly things! Woot!

We reserve the right to reject suggestions without stating a reason.

With GitHub

Fork the project and make changes in the data/decks directory. When you're done, send us a pull request. Easy!
Creating a branch is highly encouraged.

Please note: Cloning the repository into your local file system is usually not required, you can work on GitHub directly.

Without GitHub

If you're nice you'll provide us with a nice CSV or JSON file (template) so we can import it easily.
Google Spreadsheets are cool too!

Poke an Op on IRC when you're done so we can sort out the details.

Bug reports / Feature suggestions

Ask on IRC or use the issue tracker on GitHub.
Bonus points for screenshots, user names and dates!

Please don't use the issue tracker to suggest cards.